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Overview of therapy


Free Sessions

At Life Balance Therapy CIC we are committed to fair access to all. That is why we offer some free  ways be social, connect, reflect, and recharge.  These are not therapy sessions but they do offer opportunities for your balanced wellbeing.  Click for more information.


Personalised support

After an initial consultation,  you can book virtual or face-to-face therapy sessions where we work on you and your unique strengths, needs and circumstances. Sessions are delivered by an accredited professional with experience and knowledge. Click for  information


Group Activities

At Life Balance Therapy CIC we like to harness the power of groups, discussion and social interaction to give you the opportunity of open-minded and non-judgmental new perspectives on shared topics of health and wellbeing. Why not come along and give it a try?

Treatment for Insomnia and Poor Sleep

Sleep is a refreshing tonic that is a completely natural and free way of improving your productivity, emotional and cognitive functioning, and  physical and mental health.  However, poor sleep can leave you with difficulty learning, focussing and reacting quickly, and you might feel frustrated, cranky and worried, or unable to deal with difficult emotions.  At Life Balance Therapy we have a therapist trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for sleep-wake difficulties and disorders (CBTi).  If you can't get to sleep, can't stay asleep, or wake up too early and can't get back to sleep, we have techniques that can help. If you are tired during the day, or you are struggling to function because of poor sleep we can help with that. 

Health Promotion and Coaching for better Health and Wellbeing

At Life Balance Therapy we offer professional health promotion coaching services to individuals, groups, and to businesses. Our Occupational Therapists are dual trained in physical and mental health assessment, therapy and rehabilitation, making us able to provide a whole person solution to your unique wellbeing needs. We offer a 30 minute session which assesses your physical health as it is today, your long term risk of developing preventable health conditions, and your mental wellbeing.  We relate this information to your lifestyle, and your 24 hour routine.  In a second 30 minute session we present you with your short report and some SMART goal recommendations that you can implement straight away that will improve your health and wellbeing.  If however you want a wellbeing trainer and ongoing sessions to implement your goals, we can help with that with any of our follow up sessions, which you can book on a session by session basis.  Book our Health and Wellbeing MOT for busy people, here:

Heath MOT
Occupational Therapy for Better Mental Health
Mental Health

At Life Balance Therapy, we understand that poor mental health can impact your daily life and limit your ability to perform everyday activities, but there is no judgement or pressure from us. Our occupational therapy services for stress and anxiety are designed to help you manage your symptoms and develop effective coping strategies so you can regain control of your life, rebuild your confidence, and do what you are ready to do. Low mood and depression can make it difficult to engage in activities that you once enjoyed and can impact your ability to perform daily tasks. We provide an initial 60 minute assessment, face to face in Plymouth or online that gets you started on the road to wellbeing, and finds out what really matter to you.  Then, on a session by session basis, at your own pace,  we can help you develop effective coping strategies, routines and habits that manage your wellbeing.  We understand that by doing the things that matter to your you will feel better, and we can help with that.  At your own pace, you will get stronger, rebuild your confidence. Click the button below for a personalised initial session.

We can also work with other professionals.  If, for example, your GP has given you antidepressants or anti-anxiety medications, we can help you with therapeutic activities that will work alongside your medications and support your transition towards better mental health.

Occupational Therapy for Physical Health
Physical Health

At Life Balance Therapy, we understand that physical disabilities and underlying health issues can impact your daily life and limit your ability to perform everyday activities. Our assessment and rehabilitation provides options to manage the tasks that might be difficult for you during Long Term Health challenges, or when you are recovering from an illness or disease, or after a hospital stay. We consult with you about the activities that matter most to you, and our therapeutic toolbox supports ways you can participate in these. Sometimes circumstances and health conditions are complex and we maximise independence in day to day activities and leisure activities as far as possible, and with compassion identify the areas of difficulty and help find ways around these. Click the buttons below for a virtual or face to face assessment to get started on your rehabilitation journey.  

Support for Carers and families

Sometimes circumstances and physical and mental health conditions are complex and difficult and we provide an important source of professional support for clients, carers, and their families.  We understand the time and commitment you devote, but also the impact that has on you and the things you need and want to do in your own  life.   We are supportive professionals who can support you in taking care of your own needs, leaving you stronger to help and support those you are working with. We can also help when your role changes and you are making that difficult transition to a different routine.  Click the buttons above for individuals and book a face to face or virtual assessment, or visit our groups pages. 

MDT workig
Professionals: Multidisciplinary Teamworking 

The work that we do complements rather than conflicts with the work of other professionals. Life Balance Therapy can supplement established approaches to health and wellbeing with additional biopsychosocial assessment of functioning and/or rehabilitative therapy. For example, if you need an assessment of how someone functions in an everyday task, or if you recognise someone's needs are complex or have changed, and you are  not sure how to meet them, we can help with that. In the NHS we work effortlessly on shared goals in multidisciplinary teams of doctors, nurses, psychologists, physiotherapists, speech therapists, and/or dieticians, who are our allied health professional colleagues. In the community our work complements that of the social worker; homecare, domicilary, and nursing care agencies; voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations offering social prescriptions, and and independent practitioners.  Working with us will be far less expensive and far quicker than employing an Occupational Therapist yourself.  At Life Balance Therapy we work on a casework/project/ad-hoc basis - Send us a contact if you'd like to discuss, book our Assessment of functioning with report package.

Fellow Occupational  Therapists

We want to collaborate with other Occupational Therapists who match our values and share our vision so that more people have access to Occupational Therapy.  If you have an idea for a freelance provision, are UK based with more than 5 years experience, and have all of your professional registration and certifications in place, we'd love to speak with you.  You could work via Life Balance Therapy CIC and take booking right here.  Please fill out a contact form expressing your interest or email

Community providers:

If you are an activity provider who is running a community group or sessions,  or has an idea for one they'd like to start locally, please fill out a contact form. We are a not-for-profit community interest company that wants to build up the range of wellbeing projects we offer. This means we could work together if it benefits people's health and wellbeing.




Community poviders
Occupational Therapists
Not sure?

If you are not sure if we are right for you there is no pressure from us.  Why not do some research into Occupational Therapy? Look at our Royal College (click here) and explore the work we do, and the broad settings we work in, and the wide range of people of people we work with and consider if it might suit you too.  Always speak to your GP if you have a medical matter or as your first point of call for access to most health care professionals and statutory services - including getting access to the NHS occupational therapy services.  But, also bookmark this page and then you can come back here feeling more confident and informed.  

If you can move forward now CLICK HERE or contact us below with your queries.

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