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We are a Community Interest Company


Life Balance Therapy is a not for profit company which is limited by guarantee, which means we reinvest our profits into the company and provide more health and wellbeing activities. We believe in fair and accessible personalised care and support.

We work with compassion and are person centred, and we uphold recognised professional body standards.



Our mission is to empower physical and mental well-being by helping people engage in activities that really matter to them.


Our vision is a world where everyone has access to the support they need to live the wellbeing life they want to live.

Jumping into the Water

About Us.

Ethics and Professionalism

As an Occupational Therapy-led service, the ethical treatment and care for people are values at the heart of our practice. Occupational Therapists all subscribe to the rule of our governing body, which is the HCPC.  These values are integral to our mindset and everything we do.  We are also members of the Royal College of Occupational Therapists (RCOT) and are committed to their code of practice for business and their ethics and standards for the therapy we provide. 

You can find out more about HCPC codes of practice and Ethics HERE and the RCOT code of practice is HERE.

This means that when you interact with us professionally;

  • We always assess a client prior to recommending goal based therapy or other treatments and interventions which are occupationally focussed.

  • We remain impartial, so that if a client makes an enquiry or takes up the free consultation offer we are committed to acting in their best interests and will direct to alternative service providers if we do  not believe our services are appropriate for them.

  • We always use at least one outcome measure so that we can monitor, review and demonstrate the effectiveness of our interventions. 

  • We aim that clients will become able to maintain their own health and wellbeing, and to manage their own occupational needs - so they become independent of us as soon as possible. 

  • If we do make a mistake or we get a complaint, we address this quickly and do everything we can to make it right. 

Corporate Values

Life Balance Therapy is a Community Interest Company (CIC) which is limited by guarantee which means we don't take profit out of the company.  Our profits are reinvested to help people with their health and wellbeing support needs.  As a CIC we are regulated by the Government's official Regulatory body HERE.  We collect donations and sell produce to help fund the free therapy we provide.  CICs must declare any donations as Income and are subject to Income Tax (corporation tax)  but we can guarantee that any money you donate or the profit of any produce you buy from us is ringfenced for the provision of therapy.  So, if you want to help by donating to help other people get free doing therapy FILL OUT THE CONTACT US FORM.

Environmental and Sustainability Values

We have sustainability values and actions and we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint, personally and professionally; We drive electric cars. In our office we are paperless and recycle and reuse everything wherever possible. Our home office has an air source heat pump for heating and hot water. We buy energy from a company providing 100% renewable electricity and we use LEDs, etc.  We make sustainable procurement choices where possible. We support and buy local produce and use smaller businesses with social values where we can. We use less products from trees and more bamboo products. We use eco products wherever possible. We are always interested in conversations about doing more for Mother Nature.

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