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These essential oil pulse points are expertly blended for your wellbeing;


WAKE UP; is a zesty combination of MANDARIN, GRAPEFRUIT AND LIME. Use this when you are alert regularly. Then when you feel a bit tired in the morning you can inhale the smell deeply to remind your body of times when you felt wide awake.

GET PHYSICAL; is a motivating plend of PATCHOULI, JASMINE AND YLANG YLANG. Use this regulaly when you are doing any energetic activity. Then, if you are feeling slow or heavy and you want a boost you can use the smell to remind your body of times when you were raring to go.

JUST FOCUS; is a stimulating blend of ROSEMARY, CYPRESS AND LEMON. Use this when you are feeling on top form and then you can smell it when are you feeling dull and you could get an instant sharpening as your brain recalls times when you felt tip top.

DON'T WORRY; is a deeply soothing blend of BERGAMONT, GERANIUM AND FRANKINCENSE. Use this when you are relaxed and happy regularly. Then, when you feel yourself starting to worry you can smell it deeply so your brain recalls the associations with feeling calmer.

CHEER UP; is an fresh blend of SPEARMINT, ORANGE AND MYRRH. Use this when you feel happy regulary and then when you smell it wen you are sad you could get an instant elevator as your brain recalls the happier moments.

JUST CHILL; is a soothing blend of LAVENDER, ROSE AND VETIVER. Use it when you are relaxed and happy regularly. Then you can apply it when you are feeling more edgy and remind your body of times when you felt easy going and content.

FALL ASLEEP; This is a sopheric blend of LAVENDER, CHAMOMILE AND NEROLI. Use it regularly just as you are feeling tired and falling asleep. Then, when you are feeling less able to sleep you can apply it to remind your body of times when the smell was associated with falling asleep.


How to use

These blends smell great, and you can just roll them on to experience the olfactory input.  Information about smell is sent to various parts of the brain, and so smell has subtly and non verbal influences on memory, mood and/or emotion. For thousands of years fragrance has been used in healing and social practises across many different cultures and you can use them as part of your wellbeing routine too.

Use them to condition your responses: Many of us have heard of Pavlov’s dogs. He paired a bell with the presentation of food and the dogs soon learned that the bell meant food was coming, and they salivated even if no food was present. So, if you use a particular pulse point oil only when you feel in a particular way, and you do this lots of times, you may be able to use the smell to induce that association at a time when you feel differently. Why not give it a try, and condition different smells for different effects?

Where to use

These are roll-on pulse point oils are an expert combination of pure essential oils, perfectly balanced, for those searching for a holistic and instant approach to wellbeing. You can roll them on your wrists, temples, décolletage, or anywhere on your skin.

They are convenient, mess-free, and portable so you can pop them into your bag, car, or pocket and use them on the go, wherever you need a boost. They suit your busy lifestyle and stimulate your senses seamlessly.

Warning: Do not use internally, these pulse point oils are for external use only. Always patch test when introducing new products to your skin. Keep out of reach of children and animals. If a rash or irritation occurs stop using immediately. If you are pregnant, nursing or have a medical condition consult your GP surgery before using any product containing essential oils.


Ingredients & Packaging

The blend comes in a 10ml amber glass roller bottle with stainless steel roller ball and twist cap for easy application and storage. They are made from 100% natural oils in a soothing Vitamin E carrier oil base, so you can be confident in their purity. They are made in the UK by Ancient Wisdom so you are supporting British business, and we use profits to provide our therapy and activities.

All packaging used for posting is recyclable and/or biodegradable.


You only need to pay once for P&P if you order more than one pulse point; we will send out up to 5 pulse points for one post and package fee and will charge cost price for more than 5 products.  Contact us if you have any difficulty ordering on our online shop.



Mood-boosting Aromatherapy Essential Oil Pulsepoint Roll on

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  • Product Features:

    • Origin: Crafted in the UK
    • Volume: 10ml per bottle
    • Weight: Each bottle weighs 50 grams
    • Size: Compact design at 2cmx8.5cm
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